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Welcome to this weeks Christian movie reviews by Alexander. This week we have movies about strong faith and being an example by letting your light shine including Faith’s Song, Crossflix Original Thinking Like A Christian, In His Steps and Gallows Road…

Faith's Song Christian Movie Review

Faith’s Song

Starring Hayden Grace McCoy, George Dinsmore, Todd Shevchik and Shelby Christine Freeman.

A young girl’s faith is tested, when her parents are suddenly killed in a car accident and she’s forced to move in with relatives who don’t share her belief in God.

A talented singer, who desires to Worship God with her songs, she finds herself in a new city, a new school and no friends.

With her uncle and others at school challenging her faith, one boy emerges who seems to see the greatness in her.

Faith’s uncle is a real hater, but Faith meets the elderly lady next door who is a real gem.

Faith runs in to more haters at her new school except one boy is nice to her; we’ll see if he’s being genuine.

Faith is very musical towards the Lord, but her uncle is annoyed with the noise.

The uncle is very mean to Faith and upsets her and she’s still sick with grief from losing her parents and being upended.

More trouble for Faith at her new school and Faith prays.

Faith gets some good advice from a Pastor that our answers to grief are in the Bible.

Faith leaves some food for a girl who was recently kicked out of her house for being pregnant and is living in the park.

Faith finds a new Church and things are looking up in the grace of the Lord.

Faith has a date with the nice boy from school, and he has a great idea for Faith.

Things take a sudden turn for the worse when Faith’s uncle gets drunk.

I won’t give away anymore about this great in depth movie, but a must see to learn about staying grounded in your faith when life brings you the unexpected.

It’s also a movie about dealing with grief and how it’s never too late for God’s love and forgiveness.


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Crossflix Thinking Like A Christian

Video Series – The Christian Worldview of Politics Part 1

What does the Bible say about Christians involvement in politics? What happens when Christians don’t participate?


1 Samuel 8:4-8

4 Then all the elders of Israel gathered themselves together, and came to Samuel unto Ramah,

5 And said unto him, Behold, thou art old, and thy sons walk not in thy ways: now make us a king to judge us like all the nations.

6 But the thing displeased Samuel, when they said, Give us a king to judge us. And Samuel prayed unto the Lord.

7 And the Lord said unto Samuel, Hearken unto the voice of the people in all that they say unto thee: for they have not rejected thee, but they have rejected me, that I should not reign over them.

8 According to all the works which they have done since the day that I brought them up out of Egypt even unto this day, wherewith they have forsaken me, and served other gods, so do they also unto thee.


The theocracy of Israel was established by God, but the people wanted a human king to rule over them.

The Bible is the first book that Congress authorized printing.

The colonists of early America required members of the government to embrace Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

Today, God is being kicked out of American politics much like the Israelites in the time of Samuel.

Samuel’s warning to Israel should be understood because it is a similar situation in America, today.

Samuel warned Israel that a human king would bring them calamity and not having God in the public square of America is a recipe for disaster and doom.

Famous definitions of politics involve religion and beliefs as the foundation for politics.

The righteous in Christ are not involved enough in the current political environment in America.

Christians are supposed to get their moral rights and laws from the Bible.

Both, the government and the Bible, are about rights and laws, so it is a moral duty of Christians to be involved in politics.

Christians, at a minimum, should be registered to vote and participate by voting in each election.

There are many accounts of God’s righteous being heavily involved in politics in the Bible and they should all be an example to us, today.

Read Matthew 23 and imagine what Jesus would have to say to todays US Congress.


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Crossflix Thinking Like A Christian

Video Series – The Christian Worldview of Politics Part 2

Is the doctrine of “separation of Church and State” supported by either the US Constitution or the Bible? Are Pastors required to be silent in the pulpit about politics?

Before the 60s politics was common discussion in Churches because Churches deal with morality.

If freedom is lost in America there is no place to escape like our forefathers escaped oppression in Europe.

Separation of Church and State is not in the US Constitution, the Declaration of Independence or the Bill of Rights.

Separation of Church and State comes from a letter written by Thomas Jefferson, but it was never meant to be stretched into the Church should not be involved in government or that politicians shouldn’t express their faith.

Our morals have been compromised by laws created by a secular society.

1954 – The Johnson Amendment – Makes it possible to remove tax exempt status of non-profit organizations for preaching about politics, yet no non-profit has ever lost tax exempt status due to the Johnson Amendment – But Pastors are intimidated and stay silent.

Christians need to stand up in the public square without fear of persecution even if persecution happens. This is the many examples of righteous figures in the Bible.

Statistics show that those claiming to be Evangelical Christians – too many do not even vote.


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In His Steps Christian Movie Review

In His Steps

Starring Laura Seabrook, Rebekah Cook, Ken Lawrence and Kent Cox

When a homeless man interrupts the comfortable routine of First Church of Raymond, life will never be the same for the apathetic congregation.

Convicted by the vagrant’s words the Pastor and Church members are thrust into a journey of discovering what life is like beyond ‘Christianity as usual.’

The homeless man gets up in Church and confronts the congregation that they are not true Christians because they don’t do as Christ would do and help others.

One week later, the chatter among Church members is very interesting.

The Pastor delivers an impassioned speech about the homeless man and then asks for pledges of those who really want to follow in Christ’s steps.

A small group emerges who vow to do what Jesus would do in all situations.

In trying to do what Jesus would do, the members of the small group run into the opposition of the world.

The movie covers a very interesting subject and shows how difficult it is to do what Jesus would do in all situations in our fallen world.


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Gallows Road Christian Movie Review

Gallows Road

Starring Ernie Hudson, Kevin Sorbo, Bill McAdams Jr and Marcus M Mauldin

Family man Bill Collins is devastated by a tragic crime, creating unbearable guilt for Jake Knight who was at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Bob’s brother Seth fights to help Bob reconnect with God.

Bob and Seth open an antique store in their rural community.

Snake’s father dies and Snake goes on a racist rampage against Bob and his family because the antique store used to be owned by Snake’s father until they fell on hard times.

A shocking tragedy for Bob’s family and Bob vows he is done with God for letting it happen.

Jake Knight was there when the tragedy happened and the weight of guilt is heavy on him causing his own family problems.

Bob’s grief is deep and there’s no sign of justice as the Sheriff is crooked.

Jake gets in a truck accident and he gets some much-needed help and advice from a wise friend.

There’s no sin greater than God’s forgiveness and Gallows Road explores the depths of grief and God’s solutions.


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If you have any questions or comments leave them below and I will be sure to reply as soon as possible.

Did this weeks Christian Movie Reviews help you decide what to watch?

God Bless You,



Alexander, Believer and Follower of Christ

Hi Ladies and Gents, I am a born again Christian who attends Calvary Worship Center in Colorado Springs, CO. I really enjoy blogging about the Lord because it helps me to improve as a Christian. I hope you find my articles helpful if you are thinking of becoming a Christian or want to be a better Christian. Blessings.

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  • I must admit that I haven’t seen any of these yet, but I have heard of Gallows Road. Faith’s song really sounds like my kind of movie though, I’ve always found it really beneficial to be learning about staying grounded in one’s faith in hard circumstance. There usually are also other pretty good takeaways from these types of movies. 

    Furthermore learning about grief is also extremely important. Many might not agree with me on this one, but I do see it as a skill similarly as calculus or chemistry. It’s because it is to be a part of any human’ experience on Earth and there are ways how to be effective about it. Essentially so that you would not bring upon yourself depression and would be able to deal with it faster. None of which of course is not taught in school, but it’s incredibly important for emotional well-being.

    I’m very sure that my wife would also absolutely love this movie. She always enjoys good Christian movies. I just might surprise her with it. I totally appreciate the movie suggestion, thank you, Alexander!

    I’m also gonna write the rest one down and check trailers later. 🙂

    Cheers and have a Great One!Matiss

    • Hi Matiss, thank you for your thoughtful comment.

      You’re so right about learning to deal with grief really should be taught in school or at least Sunday school. This is a good thing for being part of a Church because many Churches offer special classes for dealing with grief. It would probably be better to be prepared ahead of time though and I believe making Christ the center of my life helps because then I understand not to make a spouse or any other person the center of my life.

      Faith’s Song really is good to show an example of faith being tested and how to react with a maturity of reliance on Jesus in prayer and knowing the Word of God.

      Enjoy and God Bless You and Your Wife

  • Hello Alexander, 

    I am a Christian observing the movies that you date and the current world. 

    I think Jesus would not feel very happy with us. I see a great difference between what Jesus would do and what people are doing.

    I always liked watching Christian movies, they are different. Thank you very much for sharing with us your love for Christ.

    Claudio (Argentina)

    • Hi Claudio, thank you for your comment.

      There has always been a big difference between what people do and what Christ would approve of, but there are some wonderful things happening in the world also like Christians giving of their treasure and talent to many charities that help people in need. The Gospel message is also being spread throughout the world in many incredible ways so there is hope when we make Jesus the center of our lives.

      I think everyone should appreciate Christian movies and programming as so much better than raunchy secular programming. If every Christian would cancel the secular TV subscriptions maybe they would change the secular programming to be more family-oriented.

      Enjoy and God Bless You

  • I know it is important for us to try and elect righteous rulers. In today’s climate I think it would be best if we tried as believers to start over with people who are not career politicians and elect someone who is working for God and the people and not bought and paid for by big companies. I know we need lots of prayer for the nation at this time. 

    I had seen a few previews for Gallows Road and thought it looked pretty good. I know the actors they used in the movie are really good and look forward to seeing it. What kind of rank would you give the movie out of 5 stars? What’s your favorite movie you have seen lately?

    • I totally agree with you DW, too many of our politicians are sold out to big companies and are now selling us out to the Communist Chinese. I am concerned that too many of our young people want to bring about socialism or communism in America which is a recipe for disaster. Just look at how detrimental socialism has been for Venezuela and other countries that implement socialism and in Communist China conditions are very poor.

      I think you will really like Gallows Road. I would give it 4.5 out of 5 stars for depth of story and very good acting.

      I am really enjoying the Crossflix Original Documentaries lately – they are very good at promoting faith in Jesus and one I watched recently was Life’s Story that did a good job of explaining why evolution theory is not possible while showing many cool scenes of animals and ocean life in nature. Very enjoyable.

      I hope you like Gallows Road and God Bless You

  • A lot of great helpful detail in this post concerning Jesus Christ and Christianity.  Great to see a born again author in  Wealthy Affiliate. Which brings me to a question. I thought Christian subjects were not allowed in Wealthy Affiliate. Can somebody please clarify this for me and others who might be wondering as I am.

    Thanks for this great share. Will share with others for sure.


    • Yes Joe, I can promote Christianity on my own website, but I can’t for example start preaching the Gospel to Wealthy Affiliate members through blog posts and comments within WA.

      I hope that clears up your question about WA.

      Christ be with you.

  • I do enjoy the reviews on the movies your are mentioning in your article and there are a few I certainly feel inclined to watch. Nowadays my TV time is almost at zero because, in my opinion, there isn’t much uplifting movies or shows anymore, too much violence, bad language etc.

    In your review of the movie “In His Steps” I immediately recall a situation many years ago when visiting our Church. There was a guest speaker, invited by the Pastor, who also was a member of a Christian charity group taking care of orphan children which have lost their parents due to starvation, illness or War.

    After his speech the Pastor also asked for donations but when the Church was over only a handful of people stayed back to give a donation. I personally was embarrassed for all the members who just left and didn’t seem to care.

    I guess, it is everyone’s choice to do as they please it is not up to anyone to judge.

    Again, thank you for these movie review appreciated.

    • Hi Sylvia, thank you for your thoughtful comment.

      Yes, it is difficult not to judge others sometimes and we really don’t know how charitable each individual is because we are not supposed to brag on our contributions.

      There are a lot of great causes that are heavily supported by American Christians so I am proud and stay focused of this fact. There is so much need in the world it sometimes seems like we can’t be giving enough and I’m sure some should be more giving. God knows and He will reward the generous who give with the right kind of attitude.

      You are so right about the secular programming having bad language, violence and sexual innuendos. You should try out one of the Christian programming options I recommend – I think you would get a lot of enjoyment and guidance towards Christ from Christian programming.

      God Bless You

  • Faith’s song sounds like a very inspirational movie. Where does one find this movie? I don’t think a genre that this movie is in, would appeal to the secular folks but I think I would enjoy it as a follower of Christ. Regarding politics, I too believe it’s important to exercise our rights to vote. Women especially should appreciate the fact that we have a voice. Our ancestors did not and had to fight hard for the rights to be equal. Our Lord made us equal in every way, it’s only corrupted humans that have messed things up so badly throughout the world. 

    • Hi Madeline, thank you for your thoughtful comment.

      Exercising our right to vote is so important for Christians. In those Thinking Like A Christian documentaries it makes it very clear that when Evangelical Christians vote it really makes a big difference. Our ancestors would not be very proud of how many don’t bother voting.

      You can get Faith’s Song and a lot more Christian programming by subscribing to Crossflix for downloading or streaming to a Roku or FireTV device for your TV. Crossflix is $10.99/mo for unlimited downloading and streaming their many selections of Christian programming like Faith’s Song.

       Click Here to Read my Christian Movie Download and Streaming Options Review

      Enjoy and God Bless You

  • Hi, Alexander. Thanks for letting us know about this movie, “Faith’s Song”.

    I always hesitate to go see a “Christian movie” because the result of going to see them in the past has always been, for me, embarrassment. The movies were just poorly done.

    Have you seen this film? Is it a quality production? I always hope that someone will actually come out with a film that’s based on Christian Truth but is actually put together well.

    I grew up reading Francis Schaefer & Franky Schaefer books. One of their main tenants was “Why aren’t we (Christians) making art that is as good or BETTER than what the secular market puts out??!” I wholeheartedly agree with this, and strive to do exactly that as a musician and actor in my fields.

    The only one I’ve seen in my life that I can say was done with some savvy and excellence, and wasn’t just a shallow proselytizing effort, is “A Matter of Faith”. Have you seen that one?? 

    Here’s hoping more Christian production companies will set the bar high and create films we can proudly recommend to our friends. So far, to me, those have been few and far between…

    • Hi TJ, thank you for your thoughtful comment.

      I suppose it all depends on what you want to get out of a movie or programming. I am personally forgiving of production flaws if it means no longer supporting raunchy and poor and really antichrist message secular programming.

      I haven’t seen ‘A Matter of Faith’ but thank you for recommending – I will keep an eye out for it. The best Christian movie I’ve ever seen was the recent ‘The Apostle Paul’ movie I saw in the theater and was very well done so I have hope that the Christian movies are improving in terms of production quality.

      Christ be with you

  • Some interesting, and different movie choices you have covered here – thank you for sharing them, and bring them to my attention. 

    To be honest with you, I think that Gallows Road would be the one that appeals to me the most. I am aware of two of the actors in it and it seems to have that darker edge to the plot – would you agree with this assumption – is it a darker vision than the rest?

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