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Welcome to this weeks Christian movie reviews by Alexander. This week we have movies about love, faith and hope including The Way Home, Noah and The Last Days, Treasure State, My Son – My Savior and Crossflix Original The Living Bible Series…

The Way Home Christian Movie Review

The Way Home

Starring Dean Cain, Lori Beth Sikes and Pierce Gagnon

Based on the inspirational true story about how a rural community rallied around a distraught family to search for their missing two year old boy which changes all of their lives.

The frantic search for two year old Joe ensues early in the movie.

The police are called and soon fire and rescue start a huge search operation.

Tensions are high between Joe’s Mom and Dad, Crystal and Randy.

Crystal and Randy have a lot of concerned help from friends and Joe’s grandparents.

The Way Home is a story of community coming together in love, hope and faith.

Randy deals with guilt for not being a more attentive father.

The Way Home keeps you on the edge of your seat so watch this movie to see what happens with the search for little Joe.


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Noah and The Last Days

In the time of Noah, people were going about their daily lives, not mindful of the impending destruction.

Like them, are we ignoring warnings of God’s coming judgment?

Noah and The Last Days is a compilation of interviews with people about believing the story of Noah and Christ and discussion on the last days we are in now.

The interviews show a great deal of ignorance about the Bible in many average people and some are hypocrites who claim to be Christian, but are living sinful lives supporting Hollywood with cuss words, sex scenes and using God’s name in vain.

The interviews also touch on the controversy between evolution and creation.

The interviewer explains very well with graphic material how it is quite possible that Noah saved all the species of animals.

The finale is convincing a bunch of admitted liars, thieves and blasphemers that Jesus is their only hope to avoid hell.

The interviewer from is a very gifted speaker and evangelizing these sinners by interviewing them is very inspiring and full of hope in the Lord.


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Treasure State Family Movie Review

Treasure State

Starring Judah Justine, Solomon Ray, Robert Bear and Colton Christensen

Two teens put their rivalry aside and join forces to stop bandits and survive the wilderness of Treasure State, in this fun action packed adventure.

Tres and Levi don’t get along and neither do their fathers.

Escaped convicts, the Baxter brothers, sabotaged a cargo plane with a billionaire’s stash on board.

The plane crashes in the Montana outback and the billionaire offers a reward of $100,000 for the missing cargo.

The race is on for Tres and Levi to claim the reward for their families that are in hard times, but the Baxter brothers have a trick up their sleeves to find the downed plane and get the cargo.

A very entertaining family movie with plenty of action and a quality story about forgiving friends and redeeming a relationship.


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My Son My Savior Christian Movie Review

My Son, My Savior – Mary, Mother of Jesus

Starring Bruce Marchiano and Corrina Crade

A look at the Gospel message and Jesus’ ministry from the perspective of Mary, Jesus’ virgin mother.

The movie starts with Mary’s vision of the angel of the Lord, telling her she will conceive a child even though she is a virgin and that the child will be the Messiah.

Next, the birth of John the Baptist is covered.

Then Joseph deals with the news that Mary is with child and is visited by the angel of the Lord also in a dream telling Joseph that the child will be the Holy One and his name will be Jesus.

Jesus is born in the manger in Bethlehem and the wise men and the shepards come to visit.

Next, we see Jesus as a boy teaching in the temple, then to John the Baptist baptizing in the wilderness, then Jesus as a man comes.

Jesus turns water into wine at the wedding in Cana and Mary is there and we hear what she thinks in narration.

Jesus’ ministry continues with many miracles and healing of the lame, blind and sick and we hear Mary narrate how she observes Jesus.

We get a perspective from Mary that she begins to be concerned by the schemes of the Pharisees.

We get Mary’s perspective again as Jesus dies on the cross.

The great miracle of the resurrection is the final perspective from Mary in this descent rendition of the Gospel message.


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The Living Bible Series – Genesis vol. 3 “Cain and Abel”

Crossflix Original

Cain and Abel were sons of Adam and Eve.

Cain, the firstborn, tilled the soil, and his brother Abel was a shepard.

The brothers made sacrifices to God, each of his own product, but God favored Abel’s sacrifice over Cain’s.

Cain was outraged and ended up murdering Abel.

God punished Cain to a life of wandering, but set a mark on him that no man would kill him.

Cain then wandered in the land of Nod (“Land of Wandering”).

God preferred Abel’s sacrifice because Abel gave his sacrifice with a pure heart and Cain did not.

Cain’s heart was the problem and we should be concerned over any problems with our own hearts.

It was more the manner in which Cain made his sacrifice, maybe there was stubbornness or laziness that made his sacrifice unacceptable to God.

Abel had a heart for glorifying God.

Sin is very entangling, one sin leads to the next, and like Cain our own sins can snowball even to murder.

When we repent of our sins, God forgives us, but this does not mean He takes away the consequences of our sin except the consequence of going to hell by the saving grace of the blood of Jesus.

Cain’s works were found unsatisfactory, but Abel in the shedding of blood of an animal sacrifice was acceptable, so it is for our salvation that it does not come from works, but from the shedding of the blood of Jesus.


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Alexander, Believer and Follower of Christ

Hi Ladies and Gents, I am a born again Christian who attends Calvary Worship Center in Colorado Springs, CO. I really enjoy blogging about the Lord because it helps me to improve as a Christian. I hope you find my articles helpful if you are thinking of becoming a Christian or want to be a better Christian. Blessings.

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  • It looks like Noah and the Last Days and Cain and Abel are worth watching. Although the stories are always being preached and you can even read in the Bible, not to mention the movies that had been made before, it is still interesting to see these in motion picture again. Noah and the Last days seems like a different story than the original one based on your review. How about Cain and Abel? is the story same as in the Bible or it has been portrayed differently?

    • Hi Dan, thank you for your comment and questions.

      Noah and the Last Days is a discussion on how our time is similar to that of Noah in that many are not prepared for the returning of the Lord and are not believers. Noah and the Last Days convinces nonbelievers and those who say they are Christian but still participate in sin to take the Bible serious and consider being more dedicated Christians.

      The Cain and Abel program is an accurate documentary on the story from the Bible.

      I hope this helps and God Bless You.

  • I was searching on google for good christian movie reviews when I came to your site. Treasure State sounds like a movie that I could really get into. I enjoy good family films where the heros originally did not like each other but join forces to fight against the bigger bad guy. You know what else sounds really interesting to watch? The Cain and Abel reenactment. I have always liked that story in the bible and to see an adaptation of it would be really cool.. Are these movies available on Netflix?

  • Dear Alexander, 

    Thank you for this wonderful reviews. I really enjoyed reading about these movies. I wanted to purchase one good Christian Movie for my daughter as a birthday gift. The move I most liked from your article is Noah and the Last Days.

    It is a classic that every Christian must see. I think it should be a great start for her. Do you personally recommend or favorite one of these movies?

    Thank you in advance.


  • hello Alex…. 

    I am a born again Christian,   l love Christian movies and I’m proud to be associated with Christ Jesus  just like you.  

    I love these movies you have reviewed, I have not seen  any of them yet.  But it is good I now know about them,  I’ll get my hands on them and watch the.  I love especially..  The way home. 


  • I enjoyed reading your reviews here. I stopped watching most movies a few years ago because I just couldn’t find anything uplifting on Netflix anymore. I took notes of the ones that sounded interesting to me here and will look for them. Oh, btw, where do I find Christian movies? Is there a category on Netflix for them? Thank you

  • Thanks for posting. I hadn’t heard about any of these movies, but they all sound like movies I’d like to watch, particularly, “The Way Home” and “Treasure State”. All them have got some very deep messages about our relationship with Jesus. I believe that movies do not only have to be there to entertain, but to speak to us with regards to our values and outlook on life. It’s a great list you’ve compiled, and I look forward to watching these movies.


  • Thank you for sharing. The movies you list are surely interesting. Our family is Christian and my mom loves watching all movies about Christian so this can be a good list for her. 🙂 I think my mom has watched “My Son, My Savior – Mary, Mother of Jesus” before and I think she really enjoyed it. Again, thanks for sharing.

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