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The beautiful truth of the Gospel message is that we are saved by the grace of the Lord and His sacrifice on the cross so that by His blood we are clean and made new and covered in righteousness before God Almighty.

Our Gospel of Jesus Christ means we cannot earn our salvation and place in Heaven by any works that we do, but salvation is a complete gift of grace from God. We do works of faith because we are saved by grace and inspired by the Holy Spirit and the Gospel of truth.

And just as the Lord is risen from the grave to reign on high in Heaven, so we will join Him because He has conquered the grave. Do not give up your place of eternal life by rejecting Christ and do not be distracted away from the Lord by chasing after the devices of the flesh, but know Him daily to know assurance of your salvation.


Gospel of Jesus ChristOur Gospel is Authentic

1 Thessalonians 1:5-7

5 For our gospel came not unto you in word only, but also in power, and in the Holy Ghost, and in much assurance; as ye know what manner of men we were among you for your sake.

6 And ye became followers of us, and of the Lord, having received the word in much affliction, with joy of the Holy Ghost:

7 So that ye were ensamples to all that believe in Macedonia and Achaia.


Paul and Silas were preaching to the Thessalonians and they used the term ‘Our Gospel’ which was inclusive of the Thessalonians.

This is an authentic gospel as described by Paul that is shown in these three statements: ‘in power’, ‘in the Holy Ghost’ and ‘in much assurance.’

The gospel of Jesus Christ is not just a collection of words, but the source of our salvation. Salvation not by works, but by grace and grace alone, so that no one may boast.


The 3 Reasons Our Gospel is Authentic

1 Power

No one has been able to conquer death, yet one, Jesus Christ.

Jesus spoke many valuable words in the Gospel, yet He backed them up with power.

There is power in the resurrection and in the Word of God.

We do not have just words in the Gospel, but words that transform hearts and minds to the result of salvation.

2 The Holy Spirit

Our Gospel is endorsed by the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit has been given to the Church to edify and relay power to us.

The Holy Spirit draws sinners to Jesus.

No one can come to the Father that the Holy Spirit doesn’t draw them.

The primary role of the Holy Spirit is to glorify Jesus in our lives.

3 Assurance

Finally, we have assurance to salvation by way of our Gospel.

Our inheritance is kept in heaven by the power of God.

We do not keep it ourselves for we may lose it, but it is kept in heaven and carefully watched over by God.

An inheritance that is incorruptible, undefiled and does not fade away.

That is real assurance of our salvation from God and protected by God.


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The Gospel of TruthPeter Writes About Our Inheritance

1 Peter 1:3-5

3 Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, which according to his abundant mercy hath begotten us again unto a lively hope by the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead,

4 To an inheritance incorruptible, and undefiled, and that fadeth not away, reserved in heaven for you,

5 Who are kept by the power of God through faith unto salvation ready to be revealed in the last time.


It is a sad thing for those who reject Christ because they are giving up so much. Giving up their eternal inheritance for the instant gratifications of the things of the world.

When we keep our focus on the promise of God to give us salvation and a great inheritance through belief in His Son, Jesus Christ, we can proceed boldly towards the works that glorify Christ and reward us even more.

Give praises and glory to Jesus that He has made it possible for us to escape the wrath of God for our sins and we will be brought before God in confidence of our salvation and righteousness by the power of the blood of Christ.


Only Jesus

Matthew 17:5

5 While he yet spake, behold, a bright cloud overshadowed them: and behold a voice out of the cloud, which said, This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased; hear ye him.


God only said this about Jesus Christ, not Buddha, not Mohammad, only Jesus and we should ‘hear him’ daily.


John 14:6

6 Jesus said to him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.


Only Jesus secures your inheritance of eternal life with Him and near God. There is no other way to Heaven, but by belief and acceptance of Jesus as your Lord and Savior and to obey Him and repent of your sins.

There are many who will try to lead you astray into new age religion and other things. Do not allow yourself to be seduced away from the Lord and the Word of God, the Holy Bible.

Trust only Churches that teach the Bible, our Gospel, and that salvation and eternal inheritance is attained only through Jesus Christ.


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Heavenly VisionsTrust Jesus Trust Our Gospel

There is no record so complete and trustworthy ever written than the Bible. From the prophecies in every book of the Old Testament about Jesus to the perfect life, ministry, sacrifice and resurrection of the Lord to that recorded by and about the early Apostles of Jesus Christ, the Bible is the perfect record that Jesus is the source of our salvation and assurance.

Assurance that obeying our Gospel will allow Jesus to lead us step by step and day by day, supplying our every need for our journey on earth leading us to the eternal inheritance and joy of the Lord as we enter Heaven’s gates with confidence in our salvation because we call on the name of the Lord.

Trust in the power of Jesus and hold fast to your assurance in our Gospel that your salvation is secure, that you have help from the Holy Spirit and that God holds your inheritance in Heaven where you will be welcomed with exceedingly great joy.

Truth is hard to find in a world full of deceit, but you can pick up a Bible and trust the council of Jesus and the message of eternal salvation given to us by God through our Gospel to be the Holy Truth.


Reference: Pastor Al Pittman, Calvary Worship Center, Colorado Springs, CO

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Did this post help you better understand that you can trust the Gospel message of salvation through Christ Jesus?

God Bless You,



Alexander, Believer and Follower of Christ

Hi Ladies and Gents, I am a born again Christian who attends Calvary Worship Center in Colorado Springs, CO. I really enjoy blogging about the Lord because it helps me to improve as a Christian. I hope you find my articles helpful if you are thinking of becoming a Christian or want to be a better Christian. Blessings.

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  • Thanks for sharing this brother!

    I’m excited to see the gospel spreading online like this. By grace alone, through faith along. I’m grateful for the work of Jesus too. 

    I appreciate that you used scripture so much to back up your statements about the Gospel. There’s nothing more true or trustworthy than that. 

    • Thank you, Jordan, for your encouraging comment.

      Spreading the Gospel online is giving me great joy – I am very thankful for God providing for me in every way that I am a part of His plan by grace alone, like you agreed.

      Keep seeking God’s Word and Christ be with you.

  • These were very enlightening passages from the Bible.  I was born and raised Mormon (no longer practicing) but I now believe in a little bit of every religion.  I think that any religion that gives people hope, love and compassion is a good religion to practice.  So my question is: If all religions teach the principle of do no harm, love thy neighbour, and give back, how is Christianity any different than other religions? I’m not meaning this question to be rude, I’m just interested in your thoughts on this.

    • Hi Nicki, you’re not rude and thank you for your comment and question.

      Christianity is different because only through belief in Jesus is our salvation guaranteed to be secure from the damnation of the wrath of God that is hell.

      The Bible is clear that good works like do no harm, love thy neighbor and being giving are like filthy rags to God and do not guarantee salvation. None of our works measure up to the perfect work of sacrifice that Christ did on the cross to remove the stain of sin from the world.

      This is all backed up by the declaration of power over the heavens and the earth by Jesus in the Gospel, by His every perfect work of miracles and ministry and words during His time on earth. You have to really study the Gospel to come to this understanding for yourself.

      You can have respect for every religion, but only by the grace of Jesus is your salvation guaranteed. Those who reject Him for other religions or atheism are taking a big risk that they won’t make it into Heaven. But we also know from the Gospel that Christianity is the narrow path which means most people don’t make it to Heaven.

      This can seem unfair to us, but the Word of God is clear that we must accept Jesus to be saved and all other paths are misleading and if we question this test of God then we are trying to be God.

      I hope this helps. God Bless You

  • I so enjoy  reading your posts. They speak directly to the heart. I was considering this just the other day: when people put up the argument that they would have to “give up” so much. I want to ask them what they would have to give up that was doing them any good?!

    When I consider all that the world has to offer and compare that to eternity, the choice is a no brainer. What could I ever want here on earth that would be worth my soul?

    Thanks for continuing to share the truth!

    • Very well said, Karin, you make me smile.

      The things of the world are so temporary, but many people tend to gravitate towards instant gratification without wisely considering their future on earth and into eternity.

      Even our time on earth is so short and I have found so much more value in the peace, love, hope, joy and comfort of the Lord there really is no turning back to the things of the world.

      Christ be with you

  • Our Gospel of Jesus Christ The Gospel of Truth is such a moving article. I really must say that reading your articles are really a eye opening experience in different ways. To read your article and see that a sinner is drawn to the Holy Spirit is new to me and I love it because Jesus came to save the Sinners and forgive us of our sins.

    Thank you again for this very informative article I really love it

    • Hi Quinn, thank you for your comment.

      Shocking and comforting all at the same time, isn’t it? The Pharisees and religious scholars of Jesus’ time were also shocked that He was so welcoming of sinners.

      Jesus truly changed everything and it is simply amazing grace that we can now be counted as righteous before God because of the power of the blood of Jesus. There is no better gift.

      God Bless You

  • Amen! I love what Jesus say in John 14 verse 6,”I am the way, the truth and life”, This verse bind every verse in the Bible and when you fully understand it you are a true christian. There is nothing you cannot find when you surrender yourself as his servant, for everything you cry for in life, he is the way and nothing is hidden in his eyes because he is the truth. Awesome.

    Thank you so much 

    • John 14:6 is my favorite, Ngonidzashe, and that is a great description that it binds every verse in the Bible to Christ.

      Jesus is the only way to the Father and to understand this is to embrace our salvation.

      Thank you for your comment and Christ be with you.

  • Hi, Alexander.  I enjoyed your post on Jesus Christ and His gospel.  The truth is, you don’t find many blog posts with Jesus as the subject.  There should be a lot more.  Do you belong to a church?  I read that you worship in Colorado Springs, but I don’t remember from your post if you are denominational.  Maybe I missed it.  Anyway, I applaud your courage and your sincerity.  I’m also a christian and believe in the Savior.


    • Hi Grant, thank you for your comment and question.

      Yes, I Worship at Calvary Worship Center in Colorado Springs. It is a non-denominational Bible teaching Church. We are blessed with a gifted Pastor who teaches the Bible very well.

      Keep believing, Grant, and God Bless You.

  • I chose to become confirmed through my church at 15. 

    In my adult life, I have only ever attended church when attending a marriage.  However, I still consider myself a christian. I still hold all the beliefs I did then.

    My husband recently asked me what I would like for my funeral and what I would like done with my body. I said that I really hadn’t thought about it, because I believe my soul will be long gone and it doesn’t matter to me.

    I believe, that it is the belief in Christ and not necessarily the preaching that makes us what we are.  I am happy that you find talking about it to be so beneficial to you.

    • Hi Kerry Ann, thank you for your comment.

      I must encourage you to find a Bible teaching Church to attend, Kerry Ann, because that is what I do.

      It is good that you have a good foundation in Christ from your youth, but there is so much to understand and wisdom to be had by listening to what a descent Pastor has to say about the Bible.

      Seeking God daily with prayer and the study of His Word keeps the foundation of our salvation fresh in our minds and God wants your Worship.

      Well, you certainly don’t have to do as I do, but the Word of God brings me a lot of peace, love, hope and joy that I hold out hope for every one to have also by seeking God daily and weekly in the fellowship of Church.

      God Bless You

  • When I was a child, I had a picture of Jesus hanging over my bed. In the evenings I looked at his eyes and recalled the day that passed, thinking how I can be better. My mom worked night hours and often I felt alone and a nit scared.

    That picture helped me to calm down, find my inner strength and go to sleep.

    • Thank you for sharing, Mary.

      I know it’s taboo in the hustle bustle of today’s world, but I can’t help to think about the many downsides of women working outside the home. Every one acts like there are no downsides for the working woman, but this just isn’t true.

      Jesus is always such a comfort. I hope you have a good relationship with your mom and Jesus, now as an adult.

      God Bless You

  • I am a believer and I really enjoy reading your articles.  Im not going to lie I dont go to church often enough but I also believe its okay to believe and not go to church all the time.  These articles are great and anyone would benefit in reading these.

    • Hi Dale, thank you for your comment.

      It’s okay like you say, Dale, to not go to Church, but it isn’t really ideal.

      The Bible teaches us that God desires our Worship in fellowship with other believers and there is a lot to know about God’s Word that reinforces our faith by listening to gifted Pastors, teachers of the Bible.

      It helps to have our faith reinforced by Church because if tragedy or trouble comes up in our lives we are more prepared to deal with those circumstances knowing God’s promises of a worthwhile plan for our lives.

      Personally, I can’t get enough of God’s Word and it has replaced so many other boring things in my life like secular entertainment that is actually a detriment to faith and spiritual well-being.

      Well, I’ve preached enough, Dale – no one can make you go to Church, but think it over.

      God Bless You

  • Hi Alexander, peace be with you. I enjoy reading your blog, the scriptures you shared are reminding me to go back to bible, to focus on God first before anything. Sometimes I would walk away from Jesus without knowing it. Now I got the clear knock on my head to turn back to God. May God continue to to guide you and write more inspiring articles for people around the world! God bless you

    • Hi Emily, thank you for your kind comment.

      I am glad that you are inspired to seek God more in your life from my article.

      You may like my recommendation of Thru The Bible which is Dr. J Vernon McGee’s effort to go through and teach the whole Bible from Genesis to Revelation. It is FREE to download or listen online and comes in 1/2 hour segments to make it easy to fit into your schedule somewhere. I listen as I am relaxing before bedtime.

      Click Here to access Thru The Bible

      You will get so much out of listening to Thru The Bible each day, Emily – Enjoy!

      Christ be with you

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